Will it be possible to use any asp.net and silverlight controls in Intraweb XII?

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I am researching a lot on intraweb, I read that in Intraweb XII (when will this be released?) it will be possible to have:

1) "silverlight enabled controls" (mentioned here, this is the old IW XI roadmap anyway silverlight task has been moved to XII now)

2) "IntraWeb XII [...] will contain the integration with CrossTalk and ASP.NET" (mentioned here, check for Intraweb XII paragraph).

Now I don't understand what this mean in detail.

I think IW is very cool, but it lacks a good choice of components, there is only one vendor (TMS) that makes good components, but of course one can wonder "why to be limited to one vendor when I can use more components from more vendors"?

So does anyone (ideally from IW team, or that really knows the inner workings of IW XII, I mean the details of the roadmap, since XII is not being developed yet) know what the bold sentences above mean?

Will this mean I can use inside IW 3rd party components from any ASP.NET and Silverlight vendor like Telerik, DevExpress, ComponentOne, and many, many, more?

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