Cannot add SourceSafe Database as Visual Studio 2010 source control.

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Published on 2010-05-14T14:43:28Z Indexed on 2010/05/23 4:30 UTC
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My issue is that I cannot add SourceSafe Database for source control within Visual Studio 2010.

Our team was initially using VSS for source control in Visual Studio 2010. During an evaluation of TFS, I switched my source control to TFS. It will be a few weeks before a decision is made on TFS, so I needed to switch my source control back to VSS. However I'm now unable to add a SourceSafe Database in Visual Studio.

Steps to Reproduce in Visual Studio 2010: 1) Access the 'Open SourceSafe Database' form via Tools->Options->Source Control->Plug-in Settings-->Advanced or via File->Source Control 2) The list of available database is blank so I choose 'Browse'. 3) I browse to the srcsafe.ini file for my VSS database and select it.
4) I'm promted to confirm the Database Name - Click OK. 5) The database does not appear in the 'Open SourceSafe' Database form. The list of available databases is still blank.

Note that I can add the database fine outside of Visual Studio using VSS directly. However the databases I add via VSS do not appear in the Visual Studio forms.

I'm suspicious that this is related to "down-grading" from TFS to VSS which may not have been heavily tested at MS.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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