Parsing plain Win32 PE File (Exe/DLL) in C#.NET

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Published on 2010-05-23T14:27:04Z Indexed on 2010/05/23 14:30 UTC
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I need to parse plain Win32 DLL/Exe and need to get all imports and exports from it and to show it on console or GUI(say Win Forms). Is it possible to parse Win32 DLL/Exe in C#.NET, read its export table,import table and get managed types from it. As its unmanaged PE(.NET doesn't allows you to convert unmanaged PE files to managed .NET assemblies, only it generates COM managed assemblies).

So how to parse export and import tables of PE files and take all methods(signatures from it) in managed form.(e.g if char* as argument, it should display as IntPtr)

Regards Usman

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