Looking for a communication framework for delphi

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I am looking for a communication framework for delphi, we know there are so many communication frameworks for other languages , wcf, ecf and so forth, but i have nerver found the one for delphi till now , anybody who knows about it can give me an ider?

There are some requirements i need ,as follows:

  • Building an application(server or client) without caring how to do communications with each other between two endpoints.

    Imagine that we use mailbox for exchanging messages,it seems that the communication is transparent.

  • Supports communication protocol extending.

    We often need to exchange the messages between 2 devices, but the communication protocol is not a public or general one, so we need to extend the framework,to implement a communication protocol for receiving or sending a message completely.

  • Supports asynchronous and synchronous communication

  • Supports transmission protocol extending.

    The transmission protocol can implemented by winsocket, pipes, com, windows message, mailslot and so forth.

In client application, we can write code snips like follows:

  server: TDelphiCommunicationServer;
  session : ICommunicationSession;
  request, response: IMessage;
  session := server.CreateSession('IP', Port);
  request := TLoginRequest.Create;
  session.WaitForMessage(response, INFINITE);

In above code snips , TLoginRequest has implemented the message interface.

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