Friday Fun: Building Blasters 2

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After dealing with unnecessary spreadsheets and TPS reports all week, it’s time to waste time playing a flash game. Today we take a look at Building Blasters 2 where you strategically place explosives to bring down structures.

Building Blasters 2

You need to place explosives carefully to clear areas in the red level, keep bystanders safe, and manage your budget.


After placing the explosives on the structure, you can set the amount of time that passes before they blow. This comes in handy when you reach advanced levels.


When you’re ready to start the demolition click on the Detonate button and watch the buildings fall.


If you don’t achieve the objectives, you will get the Demolition Error screen and can replay the level.


After you’ve received enough money, you’ll get a message between missions telling you there is enough money to buy items in the shop.


You can get enhanced destructive devices such as nitroglycerin, a wrecking ball, call in an air strike and more…


If you’re sick of the pointy haired boss dragging you down all week, pretend the structures are the office building and destroy away. Building Blasters 2 is a great way to have fun and let off steam so you can enjoy your weekend.

Play Building Blasters 2

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