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A question for all the GWT gurus out there.

I'm a newbie in GWT and am trying to understand the best practices of coding a GWT application. I have gone through "Large scale application development and MVP" based on Ray Ryan's talk at Google I/O 2009 and it has given me a good starting point. I downloaded the sample source code as well for the Contacts application based on the best practices listed.

The application I'm trying to develop using GWT is a bit bigger (in terms of the modules involved) when compared to the sample "Contacts" application & so I want to split it up into multiple functions.

I have been reading that having a single Entry point in a GWT application is a good idea, and I don't want to dump all the code in one single AppController class & one single RpcService, what would be the best approach in this situation?

How would I go about dispatching the control to multiple controllers? Is there a way to achieve this using some classes in the GWT framework?

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