Display ASP.NET GridView inside a selected row in another GridView

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I have been given a mockup that I do not know is possible to code in ASP.NET without being a real html and javascript wizard.

I want a GridView that when a row is selected, the selected row expands and below the selected row a panel of additional information is shown, which would also include another small GridView. The idea is this would all be in-line. So if the user selected row 4, then the additional information would appear below row 4 and then after the additional information the parent GridView would continue with row 5.

Ultimately I would want to do a multi-select type of set up, but first I need to figure out if this is even possible. Also, the solution must be 508 Compliant

The one solution I considered was using only one "column". Then I would put all my fields in the ItemTemplate, and my detail panel content in the EditItemTemplate and instead of selecting the row, set it to edit mode. The problem with this solution is I lose the functionality of multiple columns if I throw everything in one huge ItemTemplate.

Any and all suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

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