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Published on Wed, 09 Jun 2010 20:06:13 GMT Indexed on 2010/06/09 21:12 UTC
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I have been recently been doing more photography and Flickr was only allowing me to do so much with the images in displaying them.  No customization of skin, no page grouping, no post like pages.  So I decided to host a WordPress blog to host my images.  I really wanted to try WordPress to see what features single-hosted blog products offer that our multiple-hosted blog system could take advantage of. 

So far the product is very cool, I can see how such a large developer network would help produce such cool “apps” for WP.  The product makes if very easy to make changes to your hosted environment that would be a little scary for a multiple blog host.  I need to compare features for their hosted solution.

Any who, is my new photography blog home.  I have been working with the Kansas City Rescue Mission a lot lately so most of my shots are for them. – Photography Blog of Jeff Julian

My hope is to make this blog again my technology blog, Staff of Geeks our announcement blog and my photography blog.  I need to start dog fooding my thoughts on blogging and keep the noise down (by making more noise with this post :D).

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