How to create a Binary Tree from a General Tree?

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I have to solve the following constructor for a BinaryTree class in java:

BinaryTree(GeneralTree<T> aTree)

This method should create a BinaryTree (bt) from a General Tree (gt) as follows:

Every Vertex from gt will be represented as a leaf in bt.

  • If gt is a leaf, then bt will be a leaf with the same value as gt
  • If gt is not a leaf, then bt will be constructed as an empty root, a left subTree (lt) and a right subTree (lr). Lt is a stric binary tree created from the oldest subtree of gt (the left-most subtree) and lr is a stric binary tree created from gt without its left-most subtree.

The frist part is trivial enough, but the second one is giving me some trouble. I've gotten this far:

public BinaryTree(GeneralTree<T> aTree){
        if (aTree.isLeaf()){
            root= new BinaryNode<T>(aTree.getRootData());
            root= new BinaryNode<T>(null); // empty root
            LinkedList<GeneralTree<T>> childs = aTree.getChilds(); // Childs of the GT are implemented as a LinkedList of SubTrees
            child.begin(); //start iteration trough list
            BinaryTree<T> lt = new BinaryTree<T>(childs.element(0)); // first element = left-most child
            BinaryTree<T> lr = new BinaryTree<T>(aTree);

Is this the right way? If not, can you think of a better way to solve this?

Thank you!

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