Finding all IP ranges blelonging to a specific ISP

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I'm having an issue with a certain individual who keeps scraping my site in an aggressive manner; wasting bandwidth and CPU resources. I've already implemented a system which tails my web server access logs, adds each new IP to a database, keeps track of the number of requests made from that IP, and then, if the same IP goes over a certain threshold of requests within a certain time period, it's blocked via iptables. It may sound elaborate, but as far as I know, there exists no pre-made solution designed to limit a certain IP to a certain amount of bandwidth/requests.

This works fine for most crawlers, but an extremely persistent individual is getting a new IP from his/her ISP pool each time they're blocked. I would like to block the ISP entirely, but don't know how to go about it.

Doing a whois on a few sample IPs, I can see that they all share the same "netname", "mnt-by", and "origin/AS". Is there a way I can query the ARIN/RIPE database for all subnets using the same mnt-by/AS/netname? If not, how else could I go about getting every IP belonging to this ISP?


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