Friday Fun: The Search For Wondla

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The best day of the week is finally here again, so it is time to have some fun while waiting to go home for the weekend. The game we have for you today takes you far into humanity’s future where you journey with Eva Nine in her quest to find other humans.

Note: Today’s game comes with a double bonus! First, there is a sequel game that you can move on to once you have completed the first one. Second, there are three wallpapers available in multiple sizes for those who enjoy the characters and artwork presented in the game (see below).

The Search For Wondla

The object of the game is to find the differences between two similar looking images based on artwork from The Search For Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi. Are you ready to join Eva Nine in her quest to find other humans in the future?

Note: There is a version available for those who would like to play The Search For Wondla on their iPads!


The first game has 28 levels of difference finding goodness for you to work through. Each level will list the minimum number of differences that you need to find to progress to the next level. If you need a hint along the way just click on the Shake or Reveal options at the bottom of the game play window. Get a level completed quickly enough and you get bonus points! There will also be differences in the images for individual levels each time you play the game, so have fun!

Note: The second game has 12 levels to complete.


To give you a good feel for the game we have covered the first six levels here and provided seven clues for each level (you are only required to find a minimum of five).

Eva Nine viewing the holographic outdoor projections in the main hub of her living quarters…


Eva Nine is in a grumpy mood as Muthr visits her at bedtime…


Eva Nine in her secret hideaway visiting old “childhood friends” as she contemplates her recent survival test failure.


Eva Nine viewing the entire set of floor plans for the underground sanctuary where she was born and has been growing up.


Eva Nine’s escape to the surface as the underground sanctuary is attacked by the bounty hunter creature Besteel.


Eva Nine on the surface for the first time in her young life. Will she be successful in her quest? There is only one way to find out!


Play The Search For Wondla Part 1

Play The Search For Wondla Part 2

Bonus Content

If you have enjoyed this game you can learn more about the book and download the three wallpapers shown here by visiting the link below!

Note: The wallpapers come in the following sizes: 1024*768, 1280*800, 1280*1024, 1440*900, iPhone, iPhone4, and iPad (click on the Extras link at the bottom of the page).




Visit the Search For Wondla Homepage

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