Windows 7 Phone Database Rapid Repository – V2.0 Beta Released

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Published on Tue, 07 Dec 2010 23:20:13 GMT Indexed on 2010/12/08 5:39 UTC
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Hi All,

A V2.0 beta has been released for the Windows 7 Phone database Rapid Repository, this can be downloaded at the following:

Along with the new View feature which greatly enhances querying and performance, various bugs have been fixed including a more serious bug with the caching that caused the GetAll() method to sometimes return inconsistent results (I’m a little bit embarrased by this bug).

If you are currently using V1.0 in development, I would recommend swapping in the beta immediately.

A full release will be available very shortly, I just need a few more days of testing and some input from other users/testers.


*Breaking Changes*

The only real change is the RapidContext has moved under the main RapidRepository namespace.

Various internal methods have been actually made ‘internal’ and replaced with a more friendly API (I imagine not many users will notice this change).

Hope you like it

Kind Regards,

Sean McAlinden

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