Week in Geek: FBI Back Door in OpenBSD Edition

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Published on Sun, 19 Dec 2010 13:00:44 +0000 Indexed on 2010/12/20 17:49 UTC
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This week we learned how to migrate bookmarks from Delicious to Diigo, fix annoying arrows, play old-school DOS games, schedule smart computer shutdowns, use breaks in Microsoft Word to better format documents, check the condition of hard-disks using Linux disk utilities, & what the Linux fstab is and how it works.


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Another week with extra news link goodness to help keep you up to date.


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Geek Video of the Week

What happens when someone plays a wicked prank by shoveling crazy snow paths that lead to dead ends or turn back on themselves? Watch to find out!


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Janitor Snow Shoveling Prank

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Super User Questions

Another week with great answers to popular questions from Super User.


How-To Geek Weekly Article Recap

Here are our hottest articles full of geeky goodness from this past week at HTG.


One Year Ago on How-To Geek

Enjoy reading through our latest batch of retro-geek goodness from one year ago.


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That is all we have for you this week, so see you back here again after the holidays! Got a great tip? Send it in to us at [email protected].


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