Week in Geek: New Security Flaw Confirmed for Internet Explorer Edition

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Published on Sun, 26 Dec 2010 13:00:27 +0000 Indexed on 2010/12/26 13:56 UTC
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This week we learned how to use a PC to stay entertained while traveling for the holidays, create quality photo prints with free software, share links between any browser and any smartphone, create perfect Christmas photos using How-To Geek’s 10 best how-to photo guides, and had fun decorating Firefox with a collection of Holiday 2010 Personas themes.


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  • Critical 0-Day Flaw Affects All Internet Explorer Versions, Microsoft Warns
    Microsoft has confirmed a zero-day vulnerability affecting all supported versions of Internet Explorer, including IE8, IE7 and IE6. Note: Article contains link to Microsoft Security Advisory detailing two work-arounds until a security update is released.
  • Hackers targeting human rights, indie media groups
    Hackers are increasingly hitting the Web sites of human rights and independent media groups in an attempt to silence them, says a new study released this week by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.
  • OpenBSD: audits give no indication of back doors
    So far, the analyses of OpenBSD’s crypto and IPSec code have not provided any indication that the system contains back doors for listening to encrypted VPN connections. But the developers have already found two bugs during their current audits.
  • Sophos: Beware Facebook’s new facial-recognition feature
    Facebook’s new facial recognition software might result in undesirable photos of users being circulated online, warned a security expert, who urged users to keep abreast with the social network’s privacy settings to prevent the abovementioned scenario from becoming a reality.
  • Microsoft withdraws flawed Outlook update
    Microsoft has withdrawn update KB2412171 for Outlook 2007, released last Patch Tuesday, after a number of user complaints.
  • Skype: Millions still without service
    Skype was still working to right itself going into the holiday weekend from a major outage that began this past Wednesday.
  • Mozilla improves sync setup and WebGL in Firefox 4 beta 8
    Firefox 4.0 beta 8 brings better support for WebGL and introduces an improved setup process for Firefox Sync that simplifies the steps for configuring the synchronization service across multiple devices.
  • Chrome OS the litmus test for cloud
    The success or failure of Google’s browser-oriented Chrome OS will be the litmus test to decide if the cloud is capable of addressing user needs for content and services, according to a new Ovum report released Monday.
  • FCC Net neutrality rules reach mobile apps
    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally released its long-expected regulations on Thursday and the related explanations total a whopping 194 pages. One new item that was not previously disclosed: mobile wireless providers can’t block “applications that compete with the provider’s” own voice or video telephony services.
  • KDE and the Document Foundation join Open Invention Network
    The KDE e.V. and the Document Foundation (TDF) have both joined the Open Invention Network (OIN) as licensees, expanding the organization’s roster of supporters.
  • Report: SEC looks into Hurd’s ousting from HP
    The scandal surrounding Mark Hurd’s departure from the world’s largest technology company in August has officially drawn attention from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Report: Google requests delay of new Google TVs
    Google TV is apparently encountering a bit of static that has resulted in a programming change.

Geek Video of the Week

This week we have a double dose of geeky video goodness for you with the original Mac vs PC video and the trailer for the sequel.


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Mac vs PC


Photo courtesy of Peacer.

Mac vs PC 2 Trailer

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Super User Questions

Enjoy looking through this week’s batch of popular questions and answers from Super User.


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The Geek Note

That “wraps” things up for this week and we hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday break! Found a great tip during the break? Then be sure to send it in to us at [email protected].


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