Store XML,update record in XML,retrive a specific record in XML stored on BB device

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I am writing a blackberry application where i want to store the data returned by a web service in my BB device.Earlier i was going to use SQLite for storing the data in mobile but as i googled and also did programming using SQLite and found that some BB devices dont support SQLite library and fail to create the database.Then i decided to keep the data returned by webservice in a XML format on my BB device.

I just want to know is there any method or way in blackberry through which i can parse the data stored in xml,update it,or directly access a particular record stored in the xml instead of traversing the whole xml n times and finding the matched record.

Please guide me as i am new to storing data in BB device.Is the approach which i am thinking to store data in XML right or shall i use something else

Thanks in advance Yogesh Chaudhari

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