CodePlex Daily Summary for Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Published on Thu, 30 Dec 2010 21:27:07 GMT Indexed on 2010/12/30 21:57 UTC
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CodePlex Daily Summary for Thursday, December 30, 2010

Popular Releases

  • Varddienis - Windows Sidebar sikriks: Varddienis Pievienota "Svetku" funkcija; Tiek paraditi Latvijas valsts svetki, atceres un atzimejamas dienas. Pievienoti “Atrie taustini” jeb isceli (laujot atrak izmantot Varddiena iespejas); Pievienota jauna poga - "Isceli", kas lauj lietotajam apskatit Varddieni pieejamos iscelus, un to taustinus. Nelielas izmainas: Nedaudz uzlabots JavaScript kods, Izmainits lidojošo logu aizveršanas krustinš – tagad tas klust dzeltens, ja uz ta uzbrauc ar peli; Ieverojami parkartoti un samazinati sik...
  • SQL Monitor - tracking sql server activities: SQL Monitor 3.0 alpha 8: 1. added truncate table/defrag index/check db functions 2. improved alert 3. fixed problem with alert causing config file corrupted(hopefully)
  • People's Note: People's Note 0.20: Version 0.20 is all about polishing the UI and supporting other developers. Several screens got better handling of the "close" button and the Escape key. The ink note screen got more traditional sketching colours, instead of the primaries. It also got a greater brush size. Messages for network errors have been improved. The Evernote API library got a Win32 target. Readme.txt was updated with additional instructions. To install: copy the appropriate CAB file onto your WM device and run i...
  • ASP.NET Comet Ajax Library (Reverse Ajax - Server Push): Object Cache Sample: Object cache sample for Windows Forms Applications. This sample project demonstrates the usage of PCache class.
  • Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project: 1.3.5 Release: This release includes the following fixes and new functionality: Updates to GetCubeLastProcessedDate to work with perspectives Fixes to reports that call Discover functions improving drillthrough functions against perspectives improving ExecuteDrillthroughAndFixColumns logic fixing situation where MDX query calling certain ASSP sprocs which opened external connections caused deadlock to SSAS processing small fix to Partition code when DbColumnName property doesn't exist changes...
  • DocX: DocX v1.0.0.11: Building Examples projectTo build the Examples project, download DocX.dll and add it as a reference to the project. OverviewThis version of DocX contains many bug fixes, it is a serious step towards a stable release. Added1) Unit testing project, 2) Examples project, 3) To many bug fixes to list here, see the source code change list history.
  • Cosmos (C# Open Source Managed Operating System): 71406: This is the second release supporting the full line of Visual Studio 2010 editions. Changes since release 71246 include: Debug info is now stored in a single .cpdb file (which is a Firebird database) Keyboard input works now (using Console.ReadLine) Console colors work (using Console.ForegroundColor and .BackgroundColor)
  • AutoLoL: AutoLoL v1.5.0: Added the all new Masteries Browser which replaces the Quick Open combobox AutoLoL will now attemt to create file associations for mastery (*.lolm) files Each Mastery Build can now contain keywords that the Masteries Browser will use for filtering Changed the way AutoLoL detects if another instance is already running Changed the format of the mastery files to allow more information stored in* Dialogs will now focus the Ok or Cancel button which allows the user to press Return to clo...
  • Paint.NET PSD Plugin: 1.6.0: Handling of layer masks has been greatly improved. Improved reliability. Many PSD files that previously loaded in as garbage will now load in correctly. Parallelized loading. PSD files containing layer masks will load in a bit quicker thanks to the removal of the sequential bottleneck. Hidden layers are no longer made visible on save. Many thanks to the users who helped expose the layer masks problem: Rob Horowitz, M_Lyons10. Please keep sending in those bug reports and PSD repro files!
  • Razor Templating Engine: Razor Templating Engine v1.2: Changes: ADDED: Standard namespaces imports for all templates: System, System.Collections.Generic, System.Linq (Changeset 5635) ADDED: Methods for Precompilation (Changeset 3283) CHANGED: Refactored precompilation to be exposed per-TemplateService. (Changeset 3440) CHANGED: Added more descriptive compilation exception message. (Changeset 3629) FIXED: Forced reference to Microsoft.CSharp to correct support for testing frameworks. (Changeset 3689) FIXED: Added support for nested anonymous obj...
  • Facebook C# SDK: 4.1.1: From 4.1.1 Release: Authentication bug fix caused by facebook change (error with redirects in Safari) Authenticator fix, always returning true From 4.1.0 Release Lots of bug fixes Removed Dynamic Runtime Language dependencies from non-dynamic platforms. Samples included in release for ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, WPF, WinForms, and one Visual Basic Sample Changed internal serialization to use BREAKING CHANGE: Canvas Session is no longer supported. Use Signed...
  • Catel - WPF and Silverlight MVVM library: 1.0.0: And there it is, the final release of Catel, and it is no longer a beta version!
  • EnhSim: EnhSim 2.2.7 ALPHA: 2.2.7 ALPHAThis release supports WoW patch 4.03a at level 85 To use this release, you must have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. This can be downloaded from To use the GUI you must have the .NET 4.0 Framework installed. This can be downloaded from - Mongoose has bee...
  • LINQ to Twitter: LINQ to Twitter Beta v2.0.19: Mono 2.8, Silverlight, OAuth, 100% Twitter API coverage, streaming, extensibility via Raw Queries, and added documentation. Bug fixes.
  • Euro for Windows XP: ChangeRegionalSettings 1..0: *
  • Flickr Wallpaper Rotator (for Windows desktop): Wallpaper Flickr 1.1: Some minor bugfixes (mostly covering when network connection is flakey, so I discovered them all while at my parents' house for Christmas).
  • NoSimplerAccounting: NoSimplerAccounting 6.0: -Fixed a bug in expense category report.
  • NHibernate Mapping Generator: NHibernate Mapping Generator 2.0: Added support for Postgres (Thanks to Angelo)
  • NewLife XCode: XCode v6.5.2010.1223 ????(????v3.5??): XCode v6.5.2010.1223 ????,??: NewLife.Core ??? NewLife.Net ??? XControl ??? XTemplate ????,??C#?????? XAgent ???? NewLife.CommonEnitty ??????(???,XCode??????) XCode?? ?????????,??????????????????,?????95% XCode v3.5.2009.0714 ??,?v3.5?v6.0???????????????,?????????。v3.5???????????,??????????????。 XCoder ??XTemplate?????????,????????XCode??? XCoder_Src ???????(????XTemplate????),??????????????????
  • Umbraco CMS: Umbraco 4.6 Beta - codename JUNO: The Umbraco 4.6 beta (codename JUNO) release contains many new features focusing on an improved installation experience, a number of robust developer features, and contains more than 89 bug fixes since the 4.5.2 release. Improved installer experience Updated Starter Kits (Simple, Blog, Personal, Business) Beautiful, free, customizable skins included Skinning engine and Skin customization (see Skinning Documentation Kit) Default dashboards on install with hide option Updated Login t...

New Projects

  • Quer mostrar todo seu potencial? Destacar sua idéia inovadora? Desenvolva uma solução na plataforma .NET e prove que você está preparado para o mercado!
  • Buccaneer: Buccaneer is a very extensive version of the windows explorer, which can be even furter extended with selfmade plugins. It is developed in c#.
  • Chianti: Project Chianti
  • computing pi with a webcam: computing pi with a webcam and a spinning plate using buffon's method
  • Confree for Outlook: Confree lets you create audio conferences from Claro / Telmex directly from Outlook.
  • Esurfing: Esurfing
  • Foursquare Helper for WebMatrix: The Foursquare Helper for WebMatrix makes it simple to integrate Foursquare in your site. With a few lines of code you'll be able to show an "Add to My Foursquare" button or show any user's badges in your site.
  • GetSatisfaction Helper for WebMatrix: The GetSatisfaction Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily integrate GetSatistaction feedback functionality into your site. It provides a set of widgets for your users to share their ideas, questions, problems, and praises.
  • GoodStore: ??????????,??B/S??,,???????,?????????。。。
  • Groupon Helper for WebMatrix: The Groupon Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily add a Groupon badge to your WebMatrix site. When the helper is in place, it can query the Groupon API to get the deals for a given location, for you to display them in new, different ways.
  • HarrierSight: An extensible application for analyze of spatial data
  • iPlay: iPlay is a WPF application built using MVVM for generating iTunes playlists randomly and displaying the status of iTunes in a user friendly way. It's secondary purpose is to explore the capabilities of WPF and MVVM in a contextual way.
  • iSun Studio CMS: SNS
  • Kiiro: An easy to use collaboration and project management application built for SharePoint. Kiiro lets your team collaborate on projects, documents, discussions, tasks and issues all within a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Kiva7: The Kiva7 app is a Windows Phone 7 app for It shows all information on your loans and allows you to search for new loans.
  • LeanEngine Framework: The LeanEngine framework makes it easier and faster for developers to develop .Net data centric applications. It's developed in C# language.
  • MedSpeech: Guardado de grabaciones sobre los estudios radiologicos para luego poder realizar reportes de estos.
  • Open Gran Turismo: Open Gran Turismo is an opensource car racing game highly customizable developed in XNA and BEPU physics.
  • Opt.Net: Command line options and arguments parsing library for .NET 3.5 and 4.0 programs. Uses reflection to convert command line arguments and options into property values on an object that the application defines. Will support command pattern programs as well.
  • Plancast Helper for WebMatrix: The Plancast Helper for WebMatrix provides an easy way to integrate Plancast on your WebMatrix site. With a few lines of code you'll able to show your Plancast plans or the ones from your friends.
  • Polldaddy Helper for WebMatrix: The Polldaddy helper makes easy to add Poll widgets, ratings and surveys to your WebMatrix site in a few lines of code. It also provides access to the Polldaddy API, wrapping some of the API methods to retrieve Poll data.
  • Scribd Helper for WebMatrix: The Scribd Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily add Scribd documents to your site. When the helper is in place, it interacts with the Scribd API and with Scribd Reader to easily list your documents, enabling users to view them without having to leave your site.
  • SharePoint 2010 Custom List Form Demo: This example will show you how to create a custom list form for SharePoint 2010 in Visual Studio 2010 using SharePoint Designer 2010 and VS2010... See my blog for a "Walkthrough":
  • Tdd unit test bar for Windows Phone development: a simple application which launches NUnit-Console on your Windows Phone unit tests every time you build, using a SilverLight version of NUnit. The output is then colored for better readability: Green bar if success, Red bar if failure.
  • Techne: Techne is a program which will take a user input of a color or picture and then using motors to pipette paint will manually create the colors described by the user and draw a picture. The goal is to continually expand the system into performing more complicated tasks.
  • TelerikTest1: ????Telerik??111111111
  • TriExporterNET: TriExporter .NET
  • Twitter Helper for WebMatrix: The Twitter Helper for WebMatrix makes it simple to integrate several Twitter social features in your site. For example, you can display Twitter widgets like "Follow Me" and "Tweet" Buttons, and access the Timeline Resources exposed by the Twitter API in a few lines of code.
  • windows azure backup: If you need to have a backup of your files using Windows Azure, then this is the project to download. It incorporates an "admin" user and his backups. Can upload/retrieve files from local hard drive. Made with ASP.NET MVC.
  • WP7PrintHelper: This project is aimed at the Windows Phone 7 developers that need to print from an App they are developing. The project provides a WCF service that runs on any desktop or server, and a print dialog dll that runs on the Windows 7 phone. It is developed in Framework 4.0 Client C#
  • Wufoo Helper for WebMatrix: The Wufoo Helper for WebMatrix provides an easy way to integrate Wufoo forms and data into your WebMatrix site. It allows you to add Wufoo forms in your pages and integrate the data submitted in your forms by using Web Hooks.

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