Silverlight Cream for December 29, 2010 -- #1018

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Published on Thu, 30 Dec 2010 04:55:57 GMT Indexed on 2010/12/30 5:56 UTC
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In this Issue: Arik Poznanski, Derik Whittaker(-2-), Alex Knight, Maurice de Beijer, Jesse Liberty, Jason Ginchereau, Jeff Blankenburg, Mike Snow, and Peter Kuhn.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Silverlight: Reading from a File Contained in your XAP"
Mike Snow
WP7: "A ReorderListBox for Windows Phone 7"
Jason Ginchereau
Expression Blend: "PathListBox: making rockin' animations"
Alex Knight


Order in Chaos: Dependency Property Value Resolution
Arik Poznanski sent me the link to his blog with this Dependency property value resolution post which demonstrates in successive detail xaml for each of the scenarios.
Closing the Virtual Keyboard (SIP) and forcing binding in WP7
Derik Whittaker has a couple new posts up... this first is about how to close the SIP and forcing binding in a WP7 app... if you've run many WP7 apps I'm sure you understand the issue.
Help my Slider control does not work inside a Grid in WP7
In Derik Whittaker's next post he details a problem he had with a Slider in a Grid that went AWOL... and how he resolved it.. also is asking why the solution works.
PathListBox: making rockin' animations
Holy Crap ... Alex Knight has his second PathListBox tutorial up and just stop reading and go check it out... dang! ... I'll still be here when you come back!
Windows Phone 7, Animations and Data Binding
Maurice de Beijer details an interesting problem he ran into where his databinding was hampering a page animation, what the root problem was and how he resolved it.. good information.
Windows Phone From Scratch – Navigation
Jesse Liberty has the next episode in the Windows Phone from Scratch series up and is talking about Navigation... he demos an ap with 3 pages and simple navigation this time.
A ReorderListBox for Windows Phone 7
Found in Jeff Blankenburg's number 11, this post by Jason Ginchereau is a description of a Drag/Drop reodering ListBox drop-in for WP7 ... very cool, and source is on the post.
What I Learned In WP7 – #Issue 11
Jeff Blankenburg's number 11 is a couple links itself... one to Jeff Wilcox for Silverlight UnitTest Framework, and one to Jason Ginchereau for Listbox Drag/Drop reordering... going to have to look that one up.
Silverlight: Reading from a File Contained in your XAP
Mike Snow's latest is on how to load up an extraneous file into your xap for loading at run-time and how to get that to actually work.
XNA: Sophisticated primitives
Peter Kuhn has a post up on using the XNA PrimitiveBatch class... he had trouble with it at first, and explains how to use it. XNA you say? ... think WP7.

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