Is SOA really dead?

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Published on Sat, 08 Jan 2011 04:57:24 GMT Indexed on 2011/01/08 5:54 UTC
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I have come across many articles/blogs where authors have strongly hailed the death of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). I could almost hear the laughter pouring out of their writings. Being a big supporter of SOA, I have found myself wondering – have I been following the wrong path all along? Do I need to change the way I think? Then I started to look around. Many newer technologies and concepts have evolved in the past few years. People are starting to take advantage of cloud computing, SAAS (Software as a Service), multitudes of on-demand platforms and many more. Now, I started thinking – is SOA really dead? In order to effectively utilize these newer concepts, I believe we need SOA more than ever because it gives us loose-coupling. People often forget that the key principal behind SOA is loose-coupling. We cannot achieve SOA just by throwing services (WCF, Web Service); we need loosely coupled systems.

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