tolua++: Adding lua functions to a C++ class that has been exported to Lua

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I am using tolua++ to export some C++ classes to Lua.

My understanding that each class is 'implemented' on the lua side, as a lua table. I am wondering if it is possible therefore, to add new (Lua) methods to the C++ object table so that I can achieve the effect of adding new methods to the C++ class.

Assume that I am exporting the class Foobar.

Methods of Foobar will be accessisble in Lua as follows:



I would like to be able to add new methods (newmethod1, and newmethod2) to the Foobar table "object"

I have the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to 'extend' the functionality of an exported C++ object in the manner I described above?
  2. How would one go about add new functions to the Foobar table? (I am relatively new to Lua)

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