Week in Geek: US Govt E-card Scam Siphons Confidential Data Edition

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Published on Sun, 09 Jan 2011 13:46:29 +0000 Indexed on 2011/01/09 14:55 UTC
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This week we learned how to “back up photos to Flickr, automate repetitive tasks, & normalize MP3 volume”, enable “stereo mix” in Windows 7 to record audio, create custom papercraft toys, read up on three alternatives to Apple’s flaky iOS alarm clock, decorated our desktops & app docks with Google icon packs, and more.

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It has been a busy week on the security & malware fronts and we have a roundup of the latest news to help keep you updated.


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  • How to Setup Software RAID for a Simple File Server on Ubuntu
    Do you need a file server that is cheap and easy to setup, “rock solid” reliable, and has Email Alerting? This tutorial shows you how to use Ubuntu, software RAID, and SaMBa to accomplish just that.
  • How to Control the Order of Startup Programs in Windows
    While you can specify the applications you want to launch when Windows starts, the ability to control the order in which they start is not available. However, there are a couple of ways you can easily overcome this limitation and control the startup order of applications.

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Super User Questions

See what the community had to say on these popular questions from Super User this week.


How-To Geek Weekly Article Recap

Get caught up on your HTG reading with our hottest articles from this past week.


One Year Ago on How-To Geek

Enjoy looking through our latest gathering of retro article goodness.


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That is all we have for you this week and we hope your first week back at work or school has gone very well now that the holidays are over. Know a great tip? Send it in to us at [email protected].


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