Advice on HTTPS connections using Ruby on Rails

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Since I am developing a "secure" OAuth protocol for my RoR3 apps, I need to send protected information over the internet, so I need to use HTTPS connections (SSL/TSL). I read How to Cure Net::HTTP’s Risky Default HTTPS Behavior aticle that mentions the 'always_verify_ssl_certificates' gem, but, since I want to be more "pure" (it means: I do not want to install other gems, but I try to do everything with Ruby on Rails) as possible, I want to do that work without installing new gems.

I read about 'open_uri' (it is also mentioned in the linked article: "open_uri is a common exception - it gets things right!") that is from the Ruby OOPL and I think it can do the same work.

So, for my needs, is 'open_uri' the best choice (although it is more complicated of 'always_verify_ssl_certificates' gem)? If so, can someone help me using that (with an example, if possible) because I have not found good guides about?

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