Latest DSTv15 Timezone Patches Available for E-Business Suite

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Published on Thu, 13 Jan 2011 00:05:42 -0800 Indexed on 2011/01/13 8:56 UTC
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Wooden_hourglass_small2.jpgIf your E-Business Suite Release 11i or 12 environment is configured to support Daylight Saving Time (DST) or international time zones, it's important to keep your timezone definition files up-to-date. They were last changed in July 2010 and released as DSTv14. DSTv15 is now available and certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12.

Is Your Apps Environment Affected?

When a country or region changes DST rules or their time zone definitions, your Oracle E-Business Suite environment will require patching if:
  • Your Oracle E-Business Suite environment is located in the affected country or region OR
  • Your Oracle E-Business Suite environment is located outside the affected country or region but you conduct business or have customers or suppliers in the affected country or region
We last discussed the DSTv14 patches on this blog. The latest "DSTv15" timezone definition file is cumulative and includes all DST changes released in earlier time zone definition files. DSTv15 includes changes to the following timezones since the DSTv14 release:
  • Africa/Cairo 2010 2010
  • Egypt 2010 2010
  • America/Bahia_Banderas 2010 2010
  • Asia/Amman 2002
  • Asia/Gaza 2010 2010
  • Europe/Helsinki 1981 1982
  • Pacific/Fiji 2011
  • Pacific/Apia 2011
  • Hongkong 1977 1977
  • Asia/Hong_Kong 1977 1977
  • Europe/Mariehamn 1981 1982

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