Oracle E-Business Suite (WebADI) integration with Oracle Open Office

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Published on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 13:05:57 +0000 Indexed on 2011/01/14 13:56 UTC
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Another highlight of the new Oracle Open Office Release 3.3 enterprise features is the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 (WebADI) integration. The WebADI integration in Oracle Open Office for Windows allows you to bring your Oracle E-Business Suite data into an Oracle Open Office Calc spreadsheet, where familiar data entry and modeling techniques can be used to complete your E-Business Suite tasks.

You can create formatted spreadsheets on your desktop that allow you to download, view, edit, and create Oracle E-Business Suite data. Use data entry shortcuts (such as copying and pasting or dragging and dropping ranges of cells), or Calc's Open Document Format (ODF V1.2) compliant spreadsheet formulas, to calculate amounts to save time. You can combine speed and accuracy by invoking lists of values for fields within the spreadsheet. After editing the spreadsheet, you can use WebADI's validation functionality to validate the data before uploading it to the Oracle E-Business Suite. Validation messages are returned to the spreadsheet, allowing you to identify and correct invalid.

This video shows a hands-on demonstration of the Oracle E-Business Suite integration:

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