SSIS Expression to Find Text Between Characters

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Published on Mon, 31 Jan 2011 17:14:23 GMT Indexed on 2011/01/31 23:26 UTC
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It will be a super short and looks like the first and last post in January 2011.

So back to the topic, I decided to share an SSIS expression I crafted to extract the value concealed between two characters (I needed to get a portion of text in a file path):

Substring(@[User::MyString],FINDSTRING(@[User::MyString],"(",1)+1,FINDSTRING(@[User::MyString],")",1) - FINDSTRING(@[User::MyString],"(",1)-1)

The value of MyString say could be c:\test\test(testing123456789).txt, then the resulting text captured testing123456789.

Hopefully it will be needed to somebody.

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