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I was looking for list of actions and their sequence when running a WiX setup. Somehow the official website doesn't seem to provide any information.

The basic problem is that I want to schedule my custom actions correctly. Typically I need to register a DLL with regsvr32.exe, and this can only be done once the files are copied to the harddrive. However the custom action

<Custom Action="RegisterShellExt" After="InstallFiles">

failed with the error message "file not found".

What I've done then is analizing the log of my MSI with WiX Edit, and I've found that the Action InstallFiles exists more than once. And effectively the files are written only the second time it appears. So I changed my custom action to the following :

<Custom Action="RegisterShellExt" Before="InstallFinalize">

Here is the sequence I've extracted from the logs of my MSI:

Action start 15:16:49: INSTALL.
Action start 15:16:49: PrepareDlg.
Action start 15:16:49: AppSearch.
Action start 15:16:49: LaunchConditions.
Action start 15:16:49: ValidateProductID.
Action start 15:16:49: DIRCA_NEWRETARGETABLEPROPERTY1.5D429292039C46FCA3253E37B4DA262A.
Action start 15:16:50: CostInitialize.
Action start 15:16:50: FileCost.
Action start 15:16:50: CostFinalize.
Action start 15:16:50: WelcomeDlg.
Action 15:16:51: LicenseAgreementDlg. Dialog created
Action 15:16:53: CustomizeDlg. Dialog created
Action 15:16:55: VerifyReadyDlg. Dialog created
Action start 15:16:56: ProgressDlg.
Action start 15:16:56: ExecuteAction.
Action start 15:16:58: INSTALL.
Action start 15:16:58: AppSearch.
Action start 15:16:58: LaunchConditions.
Action start 15:16:58: ValidateProductID.
Action start 15:16:58: CostInitialize.
Action start 15:16:59: FileCost.
Action start 15:16:59: CostFinalize.
Action start 15:16:59: InstallValidate.
Action start 15:17:00: InstallInitialize.
Action start 15:17:08: ProcessComponents.
Action 15:17:09: GenerateScript. Generating script operations for action:
Action ended 15:17:09: ProcessComponents. Return value 1.
Action start 15:17:09: UnpublishFeatures.
Action start 15:17:09: RemoveShortcuts.
Action start 15:17:09: RemoveFiles.
Action start 15:17:09: InstallFiles.
Action start 15:17:10: CreateShortcuts.
Action start 15:17:10: RegisterUser.
Action start 15:17:10: RegisterProduct.
Action start 15:17:10: PublishFeatures.
Action start 15:17:10: PublishProduct.
Action start 15:17:10: ConfigureInstaller.
Action start 15:17:10: InstallFinalize.
Action 15:17:10: ProcessComponents. Updating component registration
Action 15:17:12: InstallFiles. Copying new files
Action 15:17:21: CreateShortcuts. Creating shortcuts
Action 15:17:21: RegisterProduct. Registering product
Action 15:17:23: ConfigureInstaller. [[note: CustomAction]]
Action 15:17:22: PublishFeatures. Publishing Product Features
Begin CustomAction 'ConfigureInstaller'
Action 15:17:28: RollbackCleanup. Removing backup files
Action ended 15:17:28: InstallFinalize. Return value 1.
Action start 15:17:28: RegisterShellExt. [[note: CustomAction]]
Action ended 15:17:33: INSTALL. Return value 1.
Action start 15:17:35: ExitDialog.

Does anyone know an official listing?

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