Why version of chrome does not matter much more then firefox and firefox does not matter much as IE

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Everything not perfect. in software the software make and growth by user feedback like what user expected from the software and want in next version of software.

In a chrome Event i hear about the Chromium. you can find some interesting things here

Video 1

Video 2

come to the point. when i hear about some good website of india. many of them talking a little thing in common that.

We are #1 because we not thing that we make a great application and deploy them and think that we finished own works preharps in a small days we make a small website deploy them and improve them always latter.

what the point they all talking about:- the conclusion is that software make by user feedback. they tell that he not spent much time and wait for a long time when their project was finish and they launch their website.

preharps they tell that they make a small website in a small time and launched them. make a research on them later and make them better later and website growth as they thing. if they are late then someone else can win even their project was much good them other.

not more but a little story:-  before few month i hear about a great website who sold many of books daily i myself purchase some from them to track how they work and how they provided service.

i not found any problem with their service. the service they provided is good but when i see their website i found that the mockup code was very badly designed. i am not know the matter how they growth because they used very other stuff who make their website slow.

when i research something more i found that their is very hard to implement the website look like them. on their blog they writing about a mail they have. the clone of them make by many other but not goes good as well as they make.

after few month later website is looking great. many thing they improved and make them better as  other thing. a another conclusion that same as another story that user feedback.

well now come to the point. we talking about Chrome,firefox and IE. what thing is goes common that they all are browser.

but something goes different that

Chrome is a one of the best browser. from a month many of issue submitted to chrome that user found when they use them. so what is make this different the different is that when feedback goes to someone they take a action and think to make them better so improvement of chrome based on feedback user put using many things. secondly because it's goes open-source many of developer contribute them and make them real browser not real [tape] browser as like IE [a good example]. as you see in video they talking about silent update in chrome and futurecoming chromium. the thing they implement is too good. because by this thing user not worry about a new version. i myself never find a problem that you need to user new version as we found same problem in other application.

Well think are great in chrome and now talking about Firefox. Firefox is a best option for development as well as chrome best for surfing the internet. in firefox many thing are great like plugin [ex: Firebug] , addons personas themes and many other thing and customization in firefox make them really a browser not like a joker [IE a good example].

well now come to IE. are IE really great no. someone from Microsoft can say that ha ha hi hi because they can't see the power of open-source. they thing that they make a software and they never need user feedback because they produced windows who really great for user because they used them.

example :- before few month Microsoft shipped Windows live. when i use them that i found that their is no sense make for using this one software. suppose you need to write a post through Live writer. the old version are great i myself have no problem but in 2011 i found that they changed everything in user interface. so learn a new thing and spent sometime more to learn a new version whenever need are same and feature are same so why user spent a little time more to learn a lesson who they want to teach even their is no sense to learn them.

the problem in 2011 Live not only of mine their are many other have same problem as mine and forget live 2011 after the see a badly design user interface. even they tell we maked in WPF yeah yeah WPF we make in .net. are you can say that what is the matter .net for user. the user have no problem to use WPF based application even you make them fool as we make them in WPF 2020 they are future technologies and we launch it 10 year before only for you yeah you dear customer of mine.

yeah they thing WPF is best and thing to implement every software they make even they forget to make better user interface but they also remember to make them next version in WPF.

the IE 9 Rc release on 10 febuary. but are they really cool. how much feedback they take and take action of them. their is no answer because they thing to launch a software they never thing what user want and off-course not care of user feedback.

as we mention in Firefox and in chrome user feedback have a big matter because sound come from a public and user who use the software not only who make them software as IE 9 have.

so feedback take a opportunities to make their software better and less hassel to use them in user hands not only in developer hands. so IE9 is not a good guys who still need of user if they really want a experience.

well what Microsoft implemented in IE. i am not talking about that furthure more but i found in article last days[why not say reading a google blog]  yeah see them in http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/microsofts-bing-uses-google-search.html

Well their is nothing good for developer in IE9. the blah blah blah they can always said on MSDN and many other site they have. many from public talking about them because they never can see a good software outside Microsoft. they never talking about Firebug even in books they never show you that.

well i know competitor never show you a stuff of competitor i have same issue from Yahoo. on a days i hear from newsletter from them they write a subline on the bottom that

USE IE or Firefox to exerience better Web. i am agree with Firefox and i am not know they really talking about IE or joking but i never believe they forget to put chrome. well i know their is corporate rule everyone should follow first. so no problem yahoo i know the matter.

well IE:- so what is IE and Why We should use IE. well their is no sense to use IE. the thing we expect from IE but never found that:-

first thing is that as a developer we thing the customization as well as other browser have like in chrome have it's own customization and firefox is also great in this matter. but IE really for Web development. are you joking:-

the thing they mention in their blog is that IE9 have a new developer tool who have three new panel or tabs. are this joke whenever Firefox and chrome have everyday a new plugin or great upgrade of old plugin they tell we add three new panel first is network second is blah third is blah.

well nice joke you make all MSDN blogger i like the way you talking about IE.  even we know what matter the browser have. i thing whenever they make IE 6 they talking about IE as same as they talking today.

Secondly their is no other tool to use with IE deveoper tool like Firebug is avilable in IE but not make by IE. firebug team themselves make them for IE. because many of developer thing to use firebug but can't use because they still goes mad about IE because day and night they only hear about tools maked by Microsoft.

so no plugin [even very small developer tool] no customized no personas on themse. no update yeah why forget these topic come with us and share a little thing more.

IE launch IE 6 after 7 after 8 and now 9 [even in future] but what they do. they do nothing on user feedback they still thing WPF is great because colors make user cool and they forget to implement other things as other already provide.

Chrome and Firefox are come after IE. Mozilla firefox come in 2004 and chrome is late in 2008. even they are late they still focus on Developer and thing they feel first is that customization like developer tool , themese and perfsonas and many other great things.

are they can find in IE even next i means 10 yeah IE10 never because they thing only making a software or force user to use new version of OS. i am confused that why not wait and force user to purchase windows 8 instead of 7.

so IE have no customization even small developer tool i thing that they make a customizable interface like in firefox who configure by about:config. so thing is discussed about really not a point we thing to goes but now it's clear what is making no matter for version in Firefox and chrome.

because chrome and firefox not wait for  a long time and explode a bomb to make publicity. they still work and make upgrade possible to user as soon as possible. [chrome never tell about they goes old they himself update them].so update comes soon in Firefox and in chrome but in IE their is a long time to wait and they make them without feedback.

so IE really not for human and not really for us.

whenver you found a bug in chrome and in firefox you report them and found that they are work in progressed and can be see in next version of firefox. but what you see whenever you see IE. you found that what the bug can found in IE whenver they not implemented same feature in IE. well IE 9 is next IE6 for developer.

conclusion:-  after reading a whole post you find that i hate all thing about IE. why are i write a big post on a small pity software IE. why i open the poll of IE. are their anything in IE break my heart. are their is something goes wrong with me and with my IE9. are their is anything i got with IE9. why i write a big post.

well as a developer play a trick that give sometime to chrome to make them better and some other to make firefox better and feel something you contribute really have a matter as a contribute you find some other and their thought on same software. some are great maybe some of them blah blah.

but are their is true that outside Microsoft their is no good sollution can make because it's outside Microsoft. their is not true. the thing developer make not have matter even using Microsoft technologies or outside technologies of MS.

so stop this i not want to talking some other things just stop it. i means their is no more blah i want to talking with you for IE.i still hate them and believe it is next IE6 for Web.

Answers: if you still need a answer in lines that the answer is that IE late update as long as they can and also make force user to upgrade IE9 because they want to promote windows first then thing about IE and chrome and firefox not do that as same as IE. so IE is late and user forced software. in firefox and chrome upgrade come soon as soon as they possible.

Thanks to give me a great time and red my blah on Blah i means IE9

Thanks again


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