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Published on Mon, 14 Feb 2011 07:37:00 GMT Indexed on 2011/02/14 23:32 UTC
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There are a number of news-feeds for the Simple-Talk site, but for some reason they are well hidden. Whilst we set about reorganizing them, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the more important ones. The most important one for almost all purposes is the Homepage RSS feed which represents the blogs and articles that are placed on the homepage.

..which is good for most purposes but won't always have all the blogs, or maybe it will occasionally miss an article. If you aren't interested in all the content, you can just use the RSS feeds that are more relevant to your interests. (We'll be increasing these categories soon)

if you want to get a more refined feed, then you can pick and choose from these feeds for each category so as to make up your custom news-feed

in the SQL section,

in .NET there are... in Sysadmin there are in opinion, there is... in Books, there is

And all the blogs have got feeds. So although you can get all the blogs from here..

You can get individual RSS feeds..

As well as these blogs, you also have the forums....

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