How can i be sure that professional programming is not for me ?

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Hello everybody

I love programming, developing projects for hobby and learning new concepts. I am getting harder too much in current job Despite learnt many thing well. I can even hardly understand assigned tasks.

I am asking why i am getting harder to myself. It may not my fault? Our architecture doesn't spend enough time to explain complicated sides of project for us or i am not enough smart one for understand fastly. Our architecture also doesn't know what kind of hell he is creating ? Seeing 3 level generic types and 4-5 level generic inheritance in domain model objects hell makes me think so really. It looks abusing concepts more than reduce complexity. Thinking that he hasn't experienced before such a big project while he is getting confused in problems of the project.

May i am not in right company ? May i am not good programmer ? May i am really stupid ?

Become good in programming concepts is not enough to deal big project's complications so someone should to tell me that i have to still effort too much even i am good programmer for adopting myself to any big project ?

Also i had another bad experiences from previous job but my professional experiences is almost few months but i spend 2 years for learning and coding for fun and i really can say that i have well skills on OOP, Design Patterns, coding standards and deep knowledge in language currently used.

Sometimes i am thinking to leave programming professionally and work in any lame job while doing programming just for hobby.

Waiting suggestions and insights

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