C# Multithreading Interview questions for a senior developer/designer position.

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I know there have been a great deal of interview questions posted on SO and specifically i like the post "Good C# interview questions for a Senior developer position"

But i really wondered what sort of interview questions were asked to a senior developer or technical consultant on multithreading.

Kindly provide me some of the interview questions which were asked in the interview on multithreading if possible kindly put the scenario based questions with some theoretical questions. As I came to know after disscusion with some of the people that some time interviewer might give you a scenario and ask you to implement it?

@ Kindly add the specific questions which you have ever faced or asked to the other person in the interview other than only mentioning the concepts because people go through the concepts and still find it difficult to handle the interview questions.so any effort to add the specific question could actually help person to get a head start for the d-day

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