Inside the JCP (Java Community Process)

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There has been lots of interest lately in the Java Community Process (JCP) and how it works.
Here are two great chances to learn about the JCP, both are interviews with Patrick Curran, Chair of the JCP and director of the JCP's Program Management Office:

Video Interview
Get an insider view of the Java Community Process (JCP) in this Oracle Technology Network (OTN) TechCast. (See below or click here.) Justin Kestelyn, Oracle Technical Network Senior Director, sits down to have a beer with Patrick Curran and discuss the JCP. They start with the basics of what is the JCP, then describe how its governance model has evolved, addressing common misperceptions, and explain how and why developers around the world can get involved.

Written Interview
Janice J. Heiss interviews Patrick Curran to get his perspective on recent developments at the JCP, ongoing concerns and controversies, its history -- and its future in this article titled "The Latest on the Java Community Process: A Conversation wiht Patrick Curran."

The home of the JCP is

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