Why aren't google api clients built on top of Apache's Abdera project ?

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Could anybody please explain that to me? As far as I can see, the developers of java's google api client library are reinventing the wheel. It's like writing a new JDK for a Java project.

I'm aware of the fact that google data protocol is a little specific re atom publishing, but if one needs to use some of the fancy extensions and features that Apache Abdera project offers for this protocol, it is better not to use google api client library and implement the client from scratch with Abdera... And I'm sure that in a lot of cases its features such as Abdera's JCR adapter would become very handy for google docs, google translator toolkit and others.

Now it's great that there is a google api client library to be used for google docs, but what am I going to do with the documents? I believe that in more than a half cases there is also a repository or database on the other side. And in that case, abdera is needed, not the simple google api clients that are only marshalling/unmarshalling the feeds...

In fact, there is something to persist in all of the google APIs. It would make sense, if google decided to invest the effort into Abdera enhancement... This doesn't...

Also for the question to be more specific: How are you developing google api clients, that need entry persistence (JCR for instance) ? What would be the best way to integrate a google api client library with Apache Abdera ?

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