CodePlex Daily Summary for Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Published on Tue, 14 Jun 2011 19:05:24 GMT Indexed on 2011/06/20 16:27 UTC
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CodePlex Daily Summary for Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Popular Releases

  • SizeOnDisk: Can handle Right-To-Left languages (issue 316) About box (issue 310) New language: Deutsch (thanks to kyoka) Fix: file and folder context menu
  • TerrariViewer: TerrariViewer v2.6: This is a temporary release so that people can edit their characters for the newest version of Terraria. It does not include the newest items or the ability to add social slot items. Those will come in TerrariViewer v3.0, which I am currently working on.
  • DropBox Linker: DropBox Linker 1.1: Added different popup descriptions for actions (copy/append/update/remove) Added popup timeout control (with live preview) Added option to overwrite clipboard with the last link only Notification popup closes on user click Notification popup default timeout increased to 3 sec. Added codeplex link to about .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile required
  • Mobile Device Detection and Redirection: Stable Release 51 Foundation is the best way to detect and redirect mobile devices and their capabilities on ASP.NET and is being used on thousands of websites worldwide. We’re highly confident in our software and we recommend all users update to this version. Changes to Version the BlackberryHandler and BlackberryVersion6Handler to have equal CONFIDENCE values to ensure they both get a chance at detecting BlackBerry version 4&5 and version 6 devices. Prior to thi...
  • Kouak - HTTP File Share Server: Kouak Beta 3 - Clean: Some critical bug solved and dependecy problems There's 3 package : - The first, contains the cli server and the graphical server. - The second, only the cli server - The third, only the graphical client. It's a beta release, so don't hesitate to emmit issue ;p
  • Rawr: Rawr 4.1.06: This is the Downloadable WPF version of Rawr!For web-based version see You can find the version notes at: Rawr AddonWe now have a Rawr Official Addon for in-game exporting and importing of character data hosted on Curse. The Addon does not perform calculations like Rawr, it simply shows your exported Rawr data in wow tooltips and lets you export your character to Rawr (including bag and bank items) like Char...
  • AcDown????? - Anime&Comic Downloader: AcDown????? v3.0 Beta6: ??AcDown?????????????,?????????????,????、????。?????Acfun????? ????32??64? Windows XP/Vista/7 ????????????? ??:????????Windows XP???,?????????.NET Framework 2.0???(x86)?.NET Framework 2.0???(x64),?????"?????????"??? ??v3.0 Beta6 ?????( ???? ?? ??"????","?????","?????","????"?????? "????"?????"????????"?? ??????????? ?????????????? ?????????????/???? ?? ????Windows 7???????????? ????????? ?? ????????????? ???????/??????????? ???????????? ?? ?? ?????(imanh...
  • Microsoft Ajax Minifier: Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.22: Added lots of optimizations related to expression optimization. Combining adjacent expression statements into a single statement means more if-, for-, and while-statements can get rid of the curly-braces. Then more if-statements can be converted to expressions, and more expressions can be combined with return- and for-statements. Moving functions to the top of their scopes, followed by var-statements, provides more opportunities for expression-combination. Added command-line option to remove ...
  • Pulse: Pulse Beta 2: - Added new wallpapers provider Supports english search, multiple keywords* - Improved font rendering in Options window - Added "Set wallpaper as logon background" option* - Fixed crashes if there is no internet connection - Fixed: Rewalls downloads empty images sometimes - Added filters* Note 1: wallbase provider supports only english search. Rewalls provider supports only russian search but Pulse automatically translates your english keyword into russian using Google Tr...
  • ???? (Internet Go Game for Android): goapp.3.0.apk: Refresh UI and bugfix
  • Phalanger - The PHP Language Compiler for the .NET Framework: 2.1 (June 2011) for .NET 4.0: Release of Phalanger 2.1 - the opensource PHP compiler for .NET framework 4.0. Installation package also includes basic version of Phalanger Tools for Visual Studio 2010. This allows you to easily create, build and debug Phalanger web or application inside this ultimate integrated development environment. You can even install the tools into the free Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Integrated). To improve the performance of your application using MySQL, please use Managed MySQL Extension for Phala...
  • WPF Application Framework (WAF): WPF Application Framework (WAF) Version: (Milestone 7): This release contains the source code of the WPF Application Framework (WAF) and the sample applications. Requirements .NET Framework 4.0 (The package contains a solution file for Visual Studio 2010) The unit test projects require Visual Studio 2010 Professional Remark The sample applications are using Microsoft’s IoC container MEF. However, the WPF Application Framework (WAF) doesn’t force you to use the same IoC container in your application. You can use ...
  • SimplePlanner: v2.0b: For 2011-2012 Sem 1 ???2011-2012 ????
  • Visual Studio 2010 Help Downloader: Domain name support for proxy Cleanup old packages bug Writing to EventLog with UAC enabled bug Small fixes & Refactoring
  • 32feet.NET: 3.2: 32feet.NET v3.2 - Personal Area Networking for .NET Build 3.2.0609.0 9th June 2011 This library provides a .NET networking API for devices and desktop computers running the Microsoft or Broadcom/Widcomm Bluetooth stacks, Microsoft Windows supported IrDA devices and associated Object Exchange (OBEX) services for both these mediums. Online documentation is integrated into your Visual Studio help. The object model has been designed to promote consistency between Bluetooth, IrDA and traditional ...
  • Media Companion: MC 3.406b weekly: With this version change a movie rebuild is required when first run -else MC will lock up on exit. Extract the entire archive to a folder which has user access rights, eg desktop, documents etc. Refer to the documentation on this site for the Installation & Setup Guide Important! If you find MC not displaying movie data properly, please try a 'movie rebuild' to reload the data from the nfo's into MC's cache. Fixes Movies Readded movie preference to rename invalid or scene nfo's to info ext...
  • Windows Azure VM Assistant: AzureVMAssist V1.0.0.5: AzureVMAssist V1.0.0.5 (Debug) - Test Release Version
  • NetOffice - The easiest way to use Office in .NET: NetOffice Release 0.9: Changes: - fix examples (include issue 16026) - add new examples - 32Bit/64Bit Walkthrough is now available in technical Documentation. Includes: - Runtime Binaries and Source Code for .NET Framework:......v2.0, v3.0, v3.5, v4.0 - Tutorials in C# and VB.Net:..............................................................COM Proxy Management, Events, etc. - Examples in C# and VB.Net:............................................................Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access - COMAddi...
  • Reusable Library: V1.1.3: A collection of reusable abstractions for enterprise application developer
  • VidCoder: 0.9.2: Updated to HandBrake 4024svn. This fixes problems with mpeg2 sources: corrupted previews, incorrect progress indicators and encodes that incorrectly report as failed. Fixed a problem that prevented target sizes above 2048 MB.

New Projects

  • ASP.NET MVC / Windows Workflow Foundation Integration: This project will product libraries, activities and examples that demonstrate how you can use Windows Workflow Foundation with ASP.NET MVC
  • Bing Maps Spatial Data Service Loader: Bing Maps Spatial Data Service Loader is a simple tool that helps you to load your set of data (CSV) into the Spatial Data Service included in Bing Maps licensing.
  • Blend filter and Pencil sketch effect in C#: This project contains a filter for blending one image over an other using effects like Color Dodge, Lighten, Darken, Difference, etc. And an example of how to use that to do a Pencil Sketch effect in C# using AForge framework
  • BugStoryV2: student project !
  • CAIXA LOTERIAS: Projeto destinado a integrar resultado dos sorteios da Caixa em VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET
  • CSReports: Report authoring tool. It supports dinamyc grouping, scripting formulas in vbscript, images from db and sub-sections. The report definition is saved to file in xml format and can be exported to pdf, doc and xls format.
  • EasyLibrary: EasyLibrary
  • Freetime Development Platform: Freetime Development Platform is a set of reusable design used to develop Web and Desktop based applications.
  • IISProcessScheduler: Schedule processes from within IIS.
  • LitleChef: LitleChef
  • LLBLGen ANGTE (ASP.Net GUI Templates Extended): LLBLGen ANGTE (ASP.Net GUI Templates Extended) makes possible to use LLBLGen template system to generate a reasonable ASP.Net GUI that you can use as the base of your project or just as a prototyping tool. It generates APS.Net code with C# as code behind using .Net 2.0
  • Memory: Memory Game for Android
  • NCU - Book store: Educational project for a software engineering bootcamp at Northern Caribbean University
  • OrderToList Extension for IEnumerable: An extension method for IEnumerable<T> that will sort the IEnumerable based on a list of keys. Suppose you have a list of IDs {10, 5, 12} and want to use LINQ to retrieve all People from the DB with those IDs in that order, you want this extension. Sort is binary so it's fast
  • p301: Old project.
  • Pang: A new pong rip off; including some power ups. Will be written in C# using XNA.
  • Ring2Park Online: Ring2Park is a fully working ASP.NET reference application that simulates the online purchase and management of Vehicle Parking sessions. It is developed using the latest ASP.NET MVC 3 patterns and capabilities. It includes a complete set of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) assets, including requirements, test and deployment.
  • rITIko: Questo progetto è stato creato come esperimento dalla classe 4G dell'ITIS B. Pascal di Cesena. Serve (per ora) solo per testate il funzionamento di CodePlex e del sistema SVN. Forse un giorno conterrà qualcosa di buono, rimanete aggiornati.
  • Rug.Cmd - Command Line Parser and Console Application Framework: Rugland Console Framework is a collection of classes to enable the fast and consistent development of .NET console applications. Parse command line arguments and write your applications usage. If you are developing command line or build process tools in .NET then this maybe the lightweight framework for you. It is developed in C#.
  • SamaToursUSA: sama tours usa
  • Samcrypt: .
  • Security System: With this program you will be able to secure your screen from prying eyes. In fact as soon as the block will not be unlocked only with your password. Perfect for when you go to have a coffee in the break. :)
  • Sharp Temperature Conversor: Sharp Temperature Conversor has the objective of providing a easy, fast and a direct way to convert temperatures from one type to another. The project is small, uses C#, Visual Studio 2010. The project is small. However, the growth is possible.
  • Silverlight Star Rating Control: A simple star rating control for editing or displaying ratings in Silverlight. Supports half-filled stars. Includes the star shape as a separate control.
  • Silverware: Silverware is a set of libraries to enhance and make application development in Silverlight easier.
  • Simple & lightweight fluent interface for Design by Contract: This project try to focus on make a good quality code for your project. It try to make sure all instance and variables must be satisfy some conditions in Design by Contract.
  • SimpleAspect: A simple Aspect library for PostSharp
  • Tespih: Basit tespih uygulamasi. Kendi evrad u ezkar listenizi olusturup seçtiginiz bir evrat üzerinden tespih çekebilirsiniz.
  • Texticize: Texticize is a fast, extensible, and intuitive object-to-text template engine for .NET. You can use Texticize to quickly create dynamic e-mails, letters, source code, or any other text documents using predefined text templates substituting placeholders with properties of CLR objects in realtime.
  • The Dragon riders: a mmorgh game with free play in creaction. Fantasy
  • WPF ObservableCollection: WPF ObservableCollection Idle use.
  • X9.37 Image Cash Letter file viewer: x9.37 Image Cash Letter viewer. Developed using VB.Net. Currently allows viewing and searching of X9 files. The code also has image manipulation code, specifically multi page TIF file handling that you might find useful,

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