Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array and Sun Fire X4470 M2 Server

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There is some new hardware in the Oracle portfolio. The first one is the Sun Fire X4470 M2 Server. There was a lot of talk about the system before because of benchmark results, but now it's finally announced.
Two or four Intel Xeon E7-4800. Up to 1 TB as the system provides 64 DIMM slots with 16 GB DDR DIMMs. The memory is placed on those riser cards right behind the fans of this chassis. Up to 6 internal drives. In a 3 RU package.

Another announcement was the Sun Storage 2500 M2 announced yesterday:

From 5 to 48 drives (the later number with three expansion trays) for up to 28.8 TB of storage. The array is SAS based internally. You can put 300GB and 600 GB in it. The 2540-M2 provides 4 (8 optional) FC ports with up to 8 GB/sec. The 2530-M2 has 4 SAS2 ports with up to 6 GBit/s. It has 2 integrated controllers providing 2 GB cache protected by a power backup for 72 hours. The controller enables the arrays to deliver 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, (P+Q) RAID levels.

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