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In a previous post I discussed the real time JMS integration we added in FW4.1 and also as patches for FW2.2. There are some additional aspects of this integration I did not mention which may be of interest:

  • JMS Topic Support - In the post I concentrated on talking about JMS Queue support but failed to mention that the MDB and outgoing real time JMS also supports JMS Topics. JMS Queues are typically used for point to point decoupled integration and JMS Topics are used for hub integration that uses Publish and Subscribe.
  • JMS Selector Support - By default the MDB will process every message from a JMS resource (Queue or Topic). If you want to alter this behaviour to selectively filter JMS messages then you can use JMS Selectors to specify the conditions for the MDB to selectively process JMS messages based upon conditions. JMS Selectors allow filters to be specified on elements in the JMS Header and JMS Message Properties using SQL like syntax. Note: JMS Selectors do not support filters on the body elements.
  • JMS Header Support - It is possible to place custom information in the JMS Header and JMS Message Properties for outgoing messages (so that other applications can use JMS selectors if necessary as well). This is only available when installing Patches 11888040 (FW4.1) and 11850795 (FW2.2).

These facilities coupled with the JMS facilities described in the previous posts gives the product integration capabilities in JMS which can be used with configuration rather than coding. Of course, the JMS facility I have described can also be used in conjunction with SOA Suite to provide greater levels of traceability and management.

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