Windows Server 2008 Standard vs. Web

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I'm currently comparing Windows Server 2008 versions to see what to use.

What i found is this, that might affect me:

  • RAM: 32GB. (the same)
  • Sockets: 4 (the same)
  • Remote Desktop: 2 (the same)
  • IIS: true (the same)
  • Application Server: Only standard.

I will run my server as a single CPU (4 core) 8GB RAM, 2x raid1 web-server running:

  • IIS
  • .Net 4
  • Third part mail server. (Only for sending mail from my web-application)
  • SQL Server Express (My data is not more then 10 GB)
  • Some minor applications for import and export of data.

I might use external load balancer if I install a second machine in the future.

My question is if you see any reason for me to go for standard that is 4 x price compared to web.


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