Can't get TRIM test to work

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Published on 2011-07-22T18:30:23Z Indexed on 2011/11/18 18:04 UTC
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So I'm attempting to install TRIM using the walkthrough here: How to enable TRIM?

But everytime I attempt to run the hdparm command, I get the following when I try to run it w/ sda:

reading sector 5805056: FAILED: Input/output error

and I get this when running it with sda1:

Device /dev/sda1 has non-zero LBA starting offset of 2048.
Please use an absolute LBA with the /dev/ entry for the full device, rather than a partition name.
/dev/sda1 is probably a partition of /dev/sda (?)
The absolute LBA of sector 5807104 from /dev/sda1 should be 5809152

I'm running Natty in a VBox on Windows 7.

Someone PLEASE help.. I keep getting this "consistency check" message on boot of my machine and I think it's because Ubuntu is writing to the same sectors on the VHD too much.. need to get trim working on this thing..


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