Finding the Value in SOA by Stephen Bennett

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Here's an excerpt from a very interesting article on CIO update titled "Finding the value in SOA" by Stephen Bennett of Oracle

"Because of this, SOA must not be seen as a solution development approach that starts and ends once a solution is delivered. It must be seen as an on-going process that, when coupled with a strategic framework, can change and evolve with the business over time. Unfortunately, many enterprises adopt SOA without utilizing a strategic framework, causing a host of challenges for their business.

Just a few of the challenges I have seen include:

  • More complexity and moving parts

  • Increased costs

  • Projects taking longer than before

  • Solutions more fragile than ever

  • Little or no agility

  • Difficulty identifying and discovering services

  • Exponentially growing governance challenges

  • Limited service re-use

  • Duplication of effort leading to service sprawl

  • Multiple siloed technology focused SOAs

  • Funding for service oriented projects being cut"

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