How to enable 3D acceleration under VMware workstation 8, Ubuntu 11.10 host, Ubuntu 11.10 guest

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Published on 2011-11-18T22:59:22Z Indexed on 2011/11/19 2:08 UTC
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I saw there are similar questions, but I don't think they answer exactly my questions.

Did anyone managed to get 3D acceleration work under VMWare workstation 8? I have VMware 8.01 installed on Ubuntu 11.10. The guest I am trying is also Ubuntu 11.10.

I manually installed vmware-tools and it went well, except the X-config part was skipped as it said the distribution driver is used. The guest runs well but it seems fall back to 2D mode.

Does any one has any idea how to enable 3D acceleration under VMWare workstaion with Linux guest?

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