Switching from Java/Java EE career path to C POS path?

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I am a Java/Java EE Developer with about 3 years in this field.

I like low-level programming so much... I favor back-end code over front-end.

I've a knowledge in C and know little about C++.

I got an offer to work with C in Point-of-Sale Payment terminals.

I don't know much about how POS works (IDE/toolsets, etc). although I have a payment experience (ISO8583, etc...)

I need you own opinion from Switching from the Java's High-level world to POS low-level world

Although I love low-level world, but I am afraid from not being found what I seek..

I know programmers are not measured by the tools they use (including prog. langs.) but with their minds.

I need your opinions of:

  1. Is programming POS terminals in C is an interesting thing, or I'll find myself doing usual code-writing job? (especially I am about to switch my whole career path).

  2. I find myself writing an elegant code in Java (like: Sobat http://code.google.com/p/sobat/) a code where I find myself in... So do I'll find the same thing in POS C? or It will all about Libraries that I'll call to finish my work?!

  3. Lastly, does this thing worse adventure with my current career (stability, conference, etc.. )? (as I currently don't think to move to a new job)


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