CodePlex Daily Summary for Sunday, November 20, 2011

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CodePlex Daily Summary for Sunday, November 20, 2011

Popular Releases

  • Free SharePoint 2010 Sites Templates: SharePoint Server 2010 Sites Templates: here is the list of sites templates to be downloaded
  • nopCommerce. Open source shopping cart (ASP.NET MVC): nopcommerce 2.30: Highlight features & improvements: • Performance optimization. • Back in stock notifications. • Product special price support. • Catalog mode (based on customer role) To see the full list of fixes and changes please visit the release notes page (
  • Cetacean Monitoring: Cetacean Monitoring Project Release V 0.1: This is a zip with a working executable for evaluation purposes.
  • WPF Converters: WPF Converters V1.2.0.0: support for enumerations, value types, and reference types in the expression converter's equality operators the expression converter now handles DependencyProperty.UnsetValue as argument values correctly (#4062) StyleCop conformance (more or less)
  • Json.NET: Json.NET 4.0 Release 4: Change - JsonTextReader.Culture is now CultureInfo.InvariantCulture by default Change - KeyValurPairConverter no longer cares about the order of the key and value properties Change - Time zone conversions now use new TimeZoneInfo instead of TimeZone Fix - Fixed boolean values sometimes being capitalized when converting to XML Fix - Fixed error when deserializing ConcurrentDictionary Fix - Fixed serializing some Uris returning the incorrect value Fix - Fixed occasional error when...
  • Media Companion: MC 3.423b Weekly: Ensure .NET 4.0 Full Framework is installed. (Available from Ensure the NFO ID fix is applied when transitioning from versions prior to 3.416b. (Details here) Replaced 'Rebuild' with 'Refresh' throughout entire code. Rebuild will now be known as Refresh. mc_com.exe has been fully updated TV Show Resolutions... Resolved issue #206 - having to hit save twice when updating runtime manually Shrunk cache size and lowered loading times f...
  • Delta Engine: Delta Engine Beta Preview v0.9.1: v0.9.1 beta release with lots of refactoring, fixes, new samples and support for iOS, Android and WP7 (you need a Marketplace account however). If you want a binary release for the games (like v0.9.0), just say so in the Forum or here and we will quickly prepare one. It is just not much different from v0.9.0, so I left it out this time. See for details.
  • Awesome Samples (Web-Forms): 1.0 samples: Full Demo VS2008 Very Simple Demo VS2010 (demos for the Awesome jQuery Ajax Controls)
  • SharpMap - Geospatial Application Framework for the CLR: SharpMap-0.9-AnyCPU-Trunk-2011.11.17: This is a build of SharpMap from the 0.9 development trunk as per 2011-11-17 For most applications the AnyCPU release is the recommended, but in case you need an x86 build that is included to. For some dataproviders (GDAL/OGR, SqLite, PostGis) you need to also referense the SharpMap.Extensions assembly For SqlServer Spatial you need to reference the SharpMap.SqlServerSpatial assembly
  • SQL Monitor - tracking sql server activities: SQLMon 4.1 alpha 5: 1. added basic schema support 2. added server instance name and process id 3. fixed problem with object search index out of range 4. improved version comparison with previous/next difference navigation 5. remeber main window spliter and object explorer spliter position
  • AJAX Control Toolkit: November 2011 Release: AJAX Control Toolkit Release Notes - November 2011 Release Version 51116November 2011 release of the AJAX Control Toolkit. AJAX Control Toolkit .NET 4 - Binary – AJAX Control Toolkit for .NET 4 and sample site (Recommended). AJAX Control Toolkit .NET 3.5 - Binary – AJAX Control Toolkit for .NET 3.5 and sample site (Recommended). Notes: - The current version of the AJAX Control Toolkit is not compatible with ASP.NET 2.0. The latest version that is compatible with ASP.NET 2.0 can be found h...
  • MVC Controls Toolkit: Mvc Controls Toolkit 1.5.5: Added: Now the DateRanteAttribute accepts complex expressions containing "Now" and "Today" as static minimum and maximum. Menu, MenuFor helpers capable of handling a "currently selected element". The developer can choose between using a standard nested menu based on a standard SimpleMenuItem class or specifying an item template based on a custom class. Added also helpers to build the tree structure containing all data items the menu takes infos from. Improved the pager. Now the developer ...
  • SharpCompress - a fully native C# library for RAR, 7Zip, Zip, Tar, GZip, BZip2: SharpCompress 0.7: Reworked API to be more consistent. See Supported formats table. Added some more helper methods - e.g. OpenEntryStream (RarArchive/RarReader does not support this) Fixed up tests
  • Silverlight Toolkit: Windows Phone Toolkit - Nov 2011 (7.1 SDK): This release is coming soon! What's new ListPicker once again works in a ScrollViewer LongListSelector bug fixes around OutOfRange exceptions, wrong ordering of items, grouping issues, and scrolling events. ItemTuple is now refactored to be the public type LongListSelectorItem to provide users better access to the values in selection changed handlers. PerformanceProgressBar binding fix for IsIndeterminate (item 9767 and others) There is no longer a GestureListener dependency with the C...
  • DotNetNuke® Community Edition: 06.01.01: Major Highlights Fixed problem with the core skin object rendering CSS above the other framework inserted files, which caused problems when using core style skin objects Fixed issue with iFrames getting removed when content is saved Fixed issue with the HTML module removing styling and scripts from the content Fixed issue with inserting the link to jquery after the header of the page Security Fixesnone Updated Modules/Providers ModulesHTML version 6.1.0 Providersnone
  • DotNetNuke Performance Settings: 01.00.00: First release of DotNetNuke SQL update queries to set the DNN installation for optimimal performance. Please review and rate this release... (stars are welcome)
  • SCCM Client Actions Tool: SCCM Client Actions Tool v0.8: SCCM Client Actions Tool v0.8 is currently the latest version. It comes with following changes since last version: Added "Wake On LAN" action. WOL.EXE is now included. Added new action "Get all active advertisements" to list all machine based advertisements on remote computers. Added new action "Get all active user advertisements" to list all user based advertisements for logged on users on remote computers. Added config.ini setting "enablePingTest" to control whether ping test is ru...
  • C.B.R. : Comic Book Reader: CBR 0.3: New featuresAdd magnifier size and scale New file info view in the backstage Add dynamic properties on book and settings Sorting and grouping in the explorer with new design Rework on conversion : Images, PDF, Cbr/rar, Cbz/zip, Xps to the destination formats Images, Cbz and XPS ImprovmentsSuppress MainViewModel and ExplorerViewModel dependencies Add view notifications and Messages from MVVM Light for ViewModel=>View notifications Make thread better on open catalog, no more ihm freeze, less t...
  • Desktop Google Reader: 1.4.2: This release remove the like and the broadcast buttons as Google Reader stopped supporting them (no, we don't like this decission...) Additionally and to have at least a small plus: the login window now automaitcally logs you in if you stored username and passwort (no more extra click needed) Finally added WebKit .NET to the about window and removed Awesomium MD5-Hash: 5fccf25a2fb4fecc1dc77ebabc8d3897 SHA-Hash: d44ff788b123bd33596ad1a75f3b9fa74a862fdb
  • RDRemote: Remote Desktop remote configurator V 1.0.0: Remote Desktop remote configurator V 1.0.0

New Projects

  • Autonomous Robot Combat: The project is about a Robotic game arena where 6-8 robots will engage in a team combat using infrared guns. The infrared guns will also have red light LEDs to simulate muzzle flash. Once the project finishes, it will be displayed in University of Plymouth.
  • B2BPro: B2BPro best solution for business
  • Battlestar Galactica Fighters: Battlestar Galactica Fighters is a 3D vertical scrolling shoot 'em up. It's developed in C# and F# for the XNA Programming exam at Master in Computer Game Developement 2011/2012 in Verona, Italy.
  • Content Compiler 3 - Compile your XNA media outside Visual Studio!: The Content Compiler helps you to compile your media files for use with XNA without using Visual Studio. After almost three years of Development, the third version of the CCompiler is nearly finished and we decided to put it up on Codeplex to "keep it alive".
  • CreaMotion NHibernate Class Builder: NHibernate Class Builder C# , WPF Supports all type relations Supports MsSql, MySql -- Specially developed for NHibernate Learners
  • ecs_tqdt_kd: Electric Custom System Thông quan di?n t? Kinh Doanh
  • IMDb Helper: IMDb Helper is a C# library that provides access to information in the IMDb website. IMDb Helper uses web requests to access the IMDb website, and regular expressions to parse the responses (it doesn't use any external library, only pure .NET).
  • Lion Solution: This is an open source Accounting project for small business usage. Developed by: Sleiman Jneidi Hussein Zawawi
  • Management of Master Lists in SharePoint with Choice Filter Lookup column: Management of Master Lists in SharePoint with Choice Filter Lookup column you can view the detail of the project on
  • MRDS FezMini Robot Brick: This is an attemp to write services for MRDS to control a FezMini Robot with a wireless connection attached to COM2 on the FezMini Board.
  • MVC Route Unit Tester: Provides convenient, easy to use methods that let you unit test the route table in your ASP.NET MVC application. Unlike many libraries, this lets you test routes both ways -- both incoming and going. You can specify an incoming request and assert that it matches a given route (or that there are no matches). You can also specify route data and assert that a given URL will be generated by your application.
  • MyWalk: MyWalk (codename: MyLife) is a novel health application that makes tracking walking a part of daily life.
  • NGeo: NGeo makes it easier for users of geographic data to invoke GeoNames and Yahoo! GeoPlanet / PlaceFinder services. You'll no longer have to write your own GeoNames, GeoPlanet, or PlaceFinder clients. It's developed in ASP.NET 4.0, and uses WCF ServiceModel libraries to deserialize JSON data into Plain Old C# Objects.
  • Octopus Tools: Octopus is an automated deployment server for .NET applications, powered by NuGet. OctopusTools is a set of useful command line and MSBuild tasks designed for automating Octopus.
  • PDV Moveis: Loja Moveis
  • Reddit#: Reddit# is a Reddit library for C# or other .Net languages.
  • Rubik: Rubik is, simply, a stab at creating a decent implementation of a Rubik's cube in WPF, and in the process aplying MVVM to the 3D game milieu.
  • Sample Service-Oriented Architecture: Sample of service-oriented architecture using WCF.
  • SFinger: SFinger adds two finger scrolling to synaptics touchpad on Windows.
  • SigemFinal: Versión final del proyecto de diseño
  • SlResource: silverlight resource management
  • Sonce - Simple ON-line Circuit Editor: Circuit Editor in Silverlight, unfinished student project written in C#
  • Tricofil: Site da Tricofil com Administrador de Conteudo
  • Twincat Ads .Net Client: This is the client implementation of the Ads/Ams protocol created by Beckhoff. (I'm not affiliated with Beckhoff) This implementation will be in C# and will not depend on other libraries. This means it can be used in silverlight and windows phone projects. This project is not finished yet!!
  • WomanMagazine: This is a woman Online Magazine with lot of info and entertainment resources for women

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