Silverlight Cream for November 24, 2011 -- #1173

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Published on Thu, 24 Nov 2011 19:23:22 GMT Indexed on 2011/11/25 1:54 UTC
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In this Thanksgiving Day Issue: Andrea Boschin, Samidip Basu, Ollie Riches, WindowsPhoneGeek, Sumit Dutta, Dhananjay Kumar, Daniel Egan, Doug Mair, Chris Woodruff, and Debal Saha.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Silverlight CommandBinding with Simple MVVM Toolkit"
Debal Saha
WP7: "How many pins can Bing Maps handle in a WP7 app - part 3"
Ollie Riches


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

Windows Phone 7.5 - Play with music
Andrea Boschin's latest WP7 post is up on SilverlightShow... he's talking about the improvements in the music hub and also the programmability of music
OData caching in Windows Phone
Samidip Basu has an OData post up on SilverlightShow also, and he's talking about data caching strategies on WP7
How many pins can Bing Maps handle in a WP7 app - part 3
Ollie Riches has part 3 of his series on Bing Maps and pins... sepecifically how to deal with a large number of them... after going through discussing pins, he is suggesting using a heat map which looks pretty darn good, and renders fast... except when on a device :(
Improvements in the LongListSelector Selection with Nov `11 release of WP Toolkit
WindowsPhoneGeek's latest is this tutorial on the LongListSelector in the WP Toolkit... check out the previous info in his free eBook to get ready then dig into this tutorial for improvements in the control.
Part 25 - Windows Phone 7 - Device Status
Sumit Dutta's latest post is number 25 in his WP7 series, and time out he's digging into device status in the Microsoft.Phone.Info namespace
Video on How to work with Picture in Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar's latest video tutorial on WP7 is up, and he's talking about working with Photos.
Live Tiles–Windows Phone Workshop
Daniel Egan has the video up of a Windows Phone Workshop done earlier this week on Live Tiles
31 Days of Mango | Day #15: The Progress Bar
Doug Mair shares the show with Jeff Blankenburg in Jeff's Day 15 in his 31 Day quest of Mango, talking about the progressbar: Indeterminate and Determinate Modes abound
31 Days of Mango | Day #14: Using OData
Chris Woodruff has a guest spot on Jeff Blankenburg's 31 Days series with this post on OData... long detailed tutorial with all the code
Silverlight CommandBinding with Simple MVVM Toolkit
Debal Saha has a nice detailed tutorial up on CommandBinding.. he's using the SimpleMVVM Toolkit and shows downloading and installing it

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