TweetMeme Button or Template Plug-In for WLW

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Published on Tue, 29 Nov 2011 20:06:57 GMT Indexed on 2011/11/30 1:53 UTC
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In my search for a way to allow readers to tweet post that I put on GWB I have come across the TweetMeme plug-in for Windows Live Writer.  It automatically puts a twitter button at either the top or bottom of your post depending on how you configure it. 


It comes with a warning that it does not work with blog servers that strip out script from posts which I made me afraid it was going to make it incompatible with GWB.  This turned out to be the case so I figured we would need either an upgrade to the GWB platform or writing my own WLW plug-in. 

In comes the Template plug-in.  This allows you to have standardized content that you can insert with a couple of clicks via the interface below.


This solved the problem (sort of).  It required that I remove the standard javascript that is defined by Twitter’s button page.  In the end I am hoping for an update to our Subtext implementation to incorporate features like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and G+, but this should help us until that comes along.


It looks like this was all useless since it seems that the buttons are in GWB.  I didn’t think I saw them before.  Either it is recent or I am blind.

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