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Windows Azure is a Platform as a Service – a PaaS – that runs code you write. That code doesn’t just mean the languages on the .NET platform – you can run code from multiple languages, including Java. In fact, you can develop for Windows and SQL Azure using not only Visual Studio but the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as well.

 Although not an exhaustive list, here are several links that deal with Java and Windows Azure:



Windows Azure Java Development Center

Java Development Guidance

Running a Java Environment on Windows Azure

Running a Java Environment on Windows Azure

Run Java with Jetty in Windows Azure

Using the plugin for Eclipse

Run Java with GlassFish in Windows Azure

Improving experience for Java developers with Windows

Java Access to SQL Azure via the JDBC Driver for SQL

How to Get Started with Java, Tomcat on Windows Azure

Deploying Java Applications in Azure

Using the Windows Azure Storage Explorer in Eclipse

Windows Azure Tomcat Solution Accelerator

Deploying a Java application to Windows Azure with
  Command-line Ant

Video: Open in the Cloud: Windows Azure and Java


Windows Azure SDK for Java

AppFabric SDK for Java

Information Cards for Java

Apache Stonehenge

Channel 9 Case Study on Java and Windows Azure


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