Multiple vulnerabilities in Network Time Protocol (NTP)

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Published on Mon, 19 Mar 2012 16:30:42 +0000 Indexed on 2012/03/20 11:34 UTC
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CVE DescriptionCVSSv2 Base ScoreComponentProduct and Resolution
CVE-2009-0021 Improper Authentication vulnerability 5.0 Firmware
SPARC T3-4 SPARC: 147317-01
SPARC T3-2 SPARC: 147316-01
SPARC T3-1B SPARC: 147318-01
SPARC T3-1 SPARC: 147315-01
Netra SPARC T3-1B SPARC: 147320-01
Netra SPARC T3-1 SPARC: 147319-01
Netra SPARC T3-1BA SPARC: 144609-07
CVE-2009-0159 Buffer Overflow vulnerability 6.8
CVE-2009-3563 Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability 6.4

This notification describes vulnerabilities fixed in third-party components that are included in Sun's product distribution.
Information about vulnerabilities affecting Oracle Sun products can be found on Oracle Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts page.

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