Hosting Bazaar shared repositories

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Published on 2012-03-27T17:17:15Z Indexed on 2012/03/27 17:43 UTC
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What i want ?

We operate in a small team of 9 people including developers, QA and designers. I want to setup a version control. We have a ubuntu (server edition) and i want to host all our repositories there. I have no understanding that even if it is possible.

What I have done?

We have setup bazaar on all distributions. We are using Bazaar explorer as our gui front-end. The command edition from console isn't very comfortable to all members. We have gone through the manual, but it hasn't been very helpful. Our inexperience being the cause.


The designers are using windows distribution and developers & QA are using ubuntu distributions.

I have googled around and i am really struggling to find a good tutorial for this setup. So any links/guides/leads towards accomplishing the same would be very helpful.

While posting links or answer please do consider our inexperience.

Thank you !!! cheers

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