Unity 3D won't load - Choosing "Ubuntu" during login still loads Unity 2D

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Published on 2012-03-30T03:52:26Z Indexed on 2012/03/30 5:42 UTC
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I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my ASUS N43SL laptop and Unity 3D loaded right after installation.

But upon reboot, I noticed that Ubuntu loaded Unity 2D instead of Unity 3D. I logged-off and made sure I had "Ubuntu" selected during login, but after many attempts Unity 3D just won't load.

Just to make it definite, I did echo $DESKTOP_SESSION on the terminal and it says ubuntu-2d, which is not expected.

My laptop runs on i5 with 1Gb NVIDIA GT540M so I don't think its a case of lacking graphics capability. And yes, I have installed the proprietary driver using "Additional Drivers" in "System Settings".

What can be the cause of this problem? How can it be fixed?

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