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TechEd India 2012 was held in Bangalore last March 21 to 23, 2012. Just like every year, this event is bigger, grander and inspiring. Here is my blog post reviewing the event SQLAuthority News – #TechEdIn – TechEd India 2012 Memories and Photos. For me this is family event – I get to meet my friends who are dear as my family. I like to call User Groups as family too. Family shares life’s personal happiness and experience – the same way User Group shares professional experiences and quite often UG members become just like family member.

When I learned that follower user group together building up a unique event I was pretty excited to learn who is going to be speaker for the event.

  1. BDotNet.in – Bangalore .NET Usergroup
  2. BITPro.in – Bangalore ITPro Usergroup

It was indeed joy when I learned that presenter will be Vinod Kumar, who is integral part of user groups and hardcore SQL Server enthusiast.

Vinod Kumar is going to present on following two sessions which are both focused on internals of the Windows and SQL Server.

  1. Understanding Windows with SysInternals Tools – This session will cover various tools from usage of Memory, x86 architecture, x64, WOW mode, Page faults, Virtual Memory mapping, OOM scenario, Perf Tool, PAL tool, Logman and more.
  2. Peeling the Onion: SQL Server Internals Demystified – This session will cover advanced disk formats, SQL Server 2012 security changes, memory changes, indirect checkPoint and more.
I am very excited as this time I will get opportunity to sit in front rows (as I will be reaching there to get best possible position) and learn. I am looking forward to the event and I hope you will join us as well.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2012 (10:30am until 1:30pm)

Venue: Microsoft, Domlur, Bangalore.

Event Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/139444029517882/

This session is FREE for all and everybody and anybody can walk in.

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