Java Spotlight Episode 86: Tony Printezis on Garbage Collection First

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Interview with Tony Printezis on Garbage Collection First (GC1).

Joining us this week on the Java All Star Developer Panel is Arun Gupta, Java EE Guy.

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Show Notes



  • June 11-14, Cloud Computing Expo, New York City
  • June 12, Boulder JUG
  • June 13, Denver JUG
  • June 13, Eclipse Juno DemoCamp, Redwoood Shore
  • June 13, JUG Münster
  • June 14, Java Klassentreffen, Vienna, Austria
  • June 18-20, QCon, New York City
  • June 19, CJUG, Chicago
  • June 20, 1871, Chicago
  • June 26-28, Jazoon, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jun 27, Houston JUG ??
  • July 5, Java Forum, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Jul 13-14, IndicThreads, Delhi
  • July 30-August 1, JVM Language Summit, Santa Clara

Feature Interview

Tony Printezis is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, based in Burlington, MA. He has been contributing to the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine since 2006. He spends most of his time working on dynamic memory management for the Java platform, concentrating on performance, scalability, responsiveness, parallelism, and visualization of garbage collectors. He obtained a Ph.D. in 2000 and a BSc (Hons) in 1995, both from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In addition, he is a JavaOne Rock Star, a title awarded for his highly rated JavaOne session on GC.

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