When Do OS Questions Belong on Hardware Service Requests?

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My Oracle Support—Logging an Operating System Service Request

One of the concerns we hear from our customers with Premier Support for Systems is that they have difficulty logging a Service Request (SR) for an operating system issue.

Because Premier Support for Systems includes support for the hardware and the associated operating system, you log any operating system issues through a hardware Service Request.

To create a hardware Service Request, you enter the information into the Hardware tab of the Create Service Request screen, but to ensure that the hardware Service Request you enter is recognized and routed appropriately for an operating system issue, you need to change the product from your specific hardware to the operating system that the hardware is running.

The example below shows you how to create a Service Request for the operating system when the support level is Premier Support for Systems. The key to success is remembering that the operating system coverage is part of the hardware support.

To begin, from anywhere within My Oracle Support, click on the Create SR button as you would to log any SR:

Step 1

Enter your Problem Summary and the Problem Description

Step 2

Next, click on the Hardware tab.


Enter the System Serial Number (in this case “12345”) and click on Validate Serial Number:

Step 4

Notice that the product name for the hardware indicates “Sunfire T2000 Server” with an option for a drop down List of Values.

Step 5

Click on the product drop down and choose the correct operating system from the list. In this case I have chosen “OpenSolaris Operating System”

Step 6

Next, you will need to enter the correct operating system version:

Step 7

At this point, you may proceed to complete and submit the Service Request.

If your company has Premier Support for Systems, just remember that your operating system has coverage under the hardware it runs on, so start with a Hardware tab on the Service Request screen and change the product related information to reflect the operating system you need help with.

Following these simple steps will ensure that the system assigns your Service Request to the right support team for an operating system issue and the support engineer can quickly begin working your issue.

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