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Better late than never. Sorry for the delay on getting this content up for all of you and thanks again for your attendance. A number of excellent questions came out of the sessions I delivered and herein I'm providing you with the content, in pdf format, for those sessions. I'm also providing pointers to Forms to ADF integration/migration as well as some details around OAF as used in E-Business Suite and ADF.

Here's the sessions delivered by location. Click on any of the links to download the session content in pdf format.

Montevideo Uruguay:

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

A brief note on Form Integration & Migration:

Does your organization have an Oracle Forms application that you'd like to migrate to ADF? Or, perhaps you're an Oracle Forms Developer and want to modernize your application development skills? If so, you've come to the right place! This section will strive to answer common questions that arise as you move from Forms to ADF.

Our Oracle Forms Statement of Direction points out that Oracle is committed to the long-term support of Oracle Forms and Reports. However, many customers feel they are outgrowing their Forms applications. Users are demanding more sophisticated and interactive users interfaces. Executives are requiring SOA-enabled applications that integrate with peripheral services. Development leads are encouraging a more modern approach to application development, including adherence to design patterns like MVC. So even as Oracle still supports Forms, the list of reasons to move off of it is becoming more compelling and is only gaining further momentum by the fact that Oracle's own Fusion Applications are using ADF.

Developers and organizations looking to align with both the technology stack and look-and-feel of Fusion Applications are choosing ADF, and thus reaping the benefits of years of best practices in enterprise application development that are baked into the ADF framework. So, if you decide to migrate off of Forms for any of these reasons, ADF is the way to go. Grant Ronald has published a video of our position on the subject, along with an ODTUG article explaining our direction. These materials explain that there are other migration tools/frameworks/paths, but the best choice is usually to follow Gartner's recommendation that if you are going to migrate off of Oracle Forms, ADF is the least risky and least costly migration path.

Please visit the Oracle Forms page here.

For details around OAF as used in E-Business Suite (EBS) and when to use ADF with EBS you can review the following blogs from Shay Shmeltzer.

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